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Here are our main choir officers and if you wish to make contact or send a message please complete form below

Musical Director:                Margaret Johnstone   01803 845176

Musical Accompaniment:   Audrey Taylor – 01803 854656

Chairman:                           Betty Gillard – 01803 553235

Choir Secretary.                 Chris Davies – 01803 883886

Concert Secretary:             Brenda Turvey – 01803 846231

Webmaster Email:     



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  1. Hello, being as I’ve written a few songs over the years, I wonder if you would be interested in a Christmas song I wrote a few years ago and possibly record it in time for Christmas. It has been copyrighted by me and has been played on a few Radio Stations in past so you would not be breaking any rules. It is totally free if you wanted to use it. If you would like to hear it first, please give me a call. I live in Torquay.

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